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    Post  DeadlyCrusae on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:36 am

    Player and Personal Info.

    Main Character Name : Déadlycrusàe

    Main Spec / Off Spec: Protection (MS) Retribution (OS)

    Armory link :

    Alternate character information (name/class/level/guild): Déadlyreách / Rogue / 80 / Knights who say Nee

    Your Main Server / Previous Server: Aman'Thul / Silvermoon

    Age : 19 (20 in july this year)

    Marital Status : Not married, Strong Relationship

    Country & Time zone (GMT+/-) : Australia

    World of Warcraft playing time in a day (what time / how long ) : Due to afternoon shifts 11pm ST to 3-4am ST. 8am ST - 1pm ST / Roughly 6 hours a day

    The days you can raid in a week : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (possibly friday, sat due to gf working)

    Player History

    Previous guild(s) :
    Aman'Thul - Knights who say Nee, Hysteria
    Silvermoon - Batousai
    Windrunner - Hard Like Heroic, Clan PooH

    Reason for leaving previous guild(s) : Due to work load i can no longer do 25's or 10s with my current guild.

    Your Raiding Experience Pre TBC / TBC / WoTLK : None Pre TBC / Kara & ZA TBC / Cleared 10man naxx, 4qtrs 25 naxx, 25/10sarth, 25/10VoA

    Your Best Raiding Experience ( Boss / Reason ) : Kind of hard to say honestly, I was never a raider bk in TBC.. So i guess my best raiding experiance would simply be all the bosses in WoTLK for reasons... They are enjoyable fights.. Except the dance.. I always trip and /die

    Connection and Technical Requirements

    Your average FPS during boss fight : 40-50FPS

    Your Mods currently in use : Omen3, Recount, Pally Power, Decursive, AtlasLoot, Auctioneer, DBM, Bartender4.. I run all of these during 25's and stil hold a 40-60 FPS

    Your computer to your home router connection ( Wire / Wireless ) : Wire ADSL2

    Your latency : <430

    Additonal Info

    How did you get to know us : Firstly from knowing Mikatsu in pre WoLTK in Clan Pooh, and also HellionX in the time he was in DELL, also going back to Pre WoLTK.. RL friends for 13+years

    Do you have any references in the Guild : Mikatsu!

    Tell us why we should enlist you : I am eager to learn, raid and become apart of a raiding family.. I have a humor that seperates me from emo kids and the old style players.. I have always and will always speak my mind. Currently learning Protection to be my main spec, off spec will be Ret (2400+dps atm).
    If given a chance to prove myself i will gladly do that.. My RL does come first... But with my shift work atm i have no Distractions during the week Sunday - Friday.
    The rest is up with you, any questions please feel free to speak to me online!

    Déadlycrusàe, (ash)

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    Déadlycrusàe / Paladin / Protection Empty Re: Déadlycrusàe / Paladin / Protection

    Post  Snoppys on Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:17 pm

    hi matey,

    thanks for you applying to us. please give us abit time and we get back to you. In the meantime have fun and CHEERS... Very Happy

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