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    Rules and Regulations (Guild)

    A) We do not tolerate Guild Drama. It is Prohibited By Law!

    B) We do not accommodate Loot Whores. It is Prohibited By Law!

    C) We do not tolerate Repeated Emo Kings and Emo Queens. Its Prohibited By Law!

    a) We aim to build a close knitted group of players who will treat one another as family and not just raiders-at-arms.

    b) If you have any suggestions on how to improve the guild, raid or loot rules, feel free to speak to an officer. We do listen.

    c) If you have any problems in-game, feel free to speak to an officer. If we can help, we will help.

    d) If someone whispers to you in regards to game play, please do not take things too personally. If it is justified, reflect on yourself and see if there might be anything you can do to improve yourself in that area. If it isn’t justified, kindly ask him/her to speak with an officer instead.

    Rules and Regulations (Raid)

    A) Official 25men Raiding Nights will be fixed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays @ 9:30pm – 12:30am Singapore Time.

    B) Off-nights will be own time own target, rest and relax nights for you to spend time with your family and friends in-game or real life. Forming up of 10men raids on off-nights is at your own discretion.

    C) Raid Invites will start at 9:15pm.

    D) Raid Slots will be given out in the following order: Senior Members > Members > Junior Members.

    E) Senior Members / Members / Junior Members are all raiding ranks. Non-raiders, casuals, family and friends will be classified as Casual/Mains.

    F) For ALL raiders, if you are unable to make it or if you will be late for some reasons for any of the official raiding nights, please post on the forums or call any of the officers to inform them. So that appropriate replacements can be made before the raid starts rather than making 20+ waiting and guessing.

    G) For ALL raiders, please do not PUG 25men raids.

    H) For ALL raiders, please avoid doing your 10men raids, raiding on alts, arena or heroics just before and during the raid invites.

    I) Simple raid ethics are advised during raids. Emo quitting the raid, afk making 24 others wait, frustrated with continuous wipes and leave the raid, breaking raid silence on vent / voice chat during boss encounters etc, are strongly not recommended.

    J) All performance check, review and discussions should be done before or after raids and not during raids. Please focus on the job at hand during raids.

    K) Any members who are not performing or slacking and Junior Members may be asked to be replaced by other Senior Members and Members for Guild Progression runs and certain boss encounters.

    Rules and Regulations (Loot)

    A) No Dkp system.

    B) Looting will be on a /roll basis. (Officers discretion if needed)

    C) Basic loot rules will be 1 loot per week. Ultimately, we are trying to gear up everyone evenly and fairly, justified with their attendance and performance.

    D) Loot priority will always be for MAIN spec 1st. Please indicate to the officers your choice of main spec.

    E) Loot Priority may be given to the Main Tank. Solely for progression purposes as healers hate healing weak tanks.

    F) Please look through all the loot in the game and list down your wish list in your class forums. (Look at Cuddlel’s post in the Priest Forums for reference) This list will help you plan out your gear paths, knowing what you want and what you don’t want will save a lot of time during looting, and if you have shortlisted something that may not be useful to you, you will have a heads up way before hand from fellow guildies and officers.

    G) Attendance and Loot will be taken down.

    H) With each new content patch and new raid content, Attendance and Loot counters will be wiped. Previous records will be kept purely for reference purposes.

    I) When Ulduar starts, ALL BoE will be banked and sold for guild funds. Any guildies that wish to buy the BoEs can contact Snoppys, a special discount will be given.

    J) Loot priority will be given to Senior Members and Members before Junior Members. Ie: Junior Members can get loot only when all Senior Members and Members have passed on their Main Spec Loot.Offset loot will not be credited to your weekly loot counter.

    K) Priority for Offset loot rolls may be given to a specific few Seniors Members who are “forced” to play dual roles on many occasions.

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