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    Main Character Name : Falfiorca

    Main Spec / Off Spec: Restoration but also almost fully for Off-tanking when dualspec comes out

    Armory link :

    Alternate character information (name/class/level/guild): I do not have any at the moment

    Your Main Server / Previous Server: Aman'thul has always been my main server

    Age :13 but mature for my age

    Marital Status :Single

    Country & Time zone (GMT+/-) : I live in Sweden so my timezone is GMT

    World of Warcraft playing time in a day (what time / how long ) : I do not play very much cause I want this to be a productive term so I am not playing too much...But in Sweden Summer is almost here

    The days you can raid in a week :
    All days except Wednesday

    Player History: I have been going on and off this character for about 4 years now...I have played ALL druid specs and have a very good knowledge of every spec

    Previous guild(s) : Noktunal Karnage

    Reason for leaving previous guild(s) : The raiding got a little bit more hard-core for me and as I said I did not want to screw this school term up

    Your Raiding Experience Pre TBC / TBC / WoTLK : ZG (Full Clear) Molten Core (Full Clear)/TBC: Karazhan (Full Clear) Gruul's Lair (Full Clear) Magtheridon (Full Clear) Black Temple (Full Clear) Tempest Keep (Full Clear) Zul'Aman (Full Clear) / Wotlk: OS (Full Clear) H OS (Full Clear) VoA (Full Clear) H VoA (Full Clear)

    Your Best Raiding Experience ( Boss / Reason ) : Karazhan (Whole Karazhan) We did the whole Karazhan in one night and 8 people had a mic...That was what made me the raider I am today!

    Connection and Technical Requirements

    Your average FPS during boss fight : I have never checked but my guess it 30-40

    Your Mods currently in use : Deadly Boss Mods, Omen, Ventrilo (If that counts) and if needed I have no problem getting Decursive

    Your computer to your home router connection ( Wire / Wireless ) : I sit right next to it and usually have it plugged in

    Your latency : 200-300ms on a normal day UNPLUGGED to the router

    Additonal Info

    How did you get to know us : The amazing WoW official forums

    Do you have any references in the Guild : No not yet but I would love to get to know you guys

    Tell us why we should enlist you : Because I am a fair player who really likes what he sees in this guild!

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    Post  Falfiorc on Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:32 pm

    I cant get my armory link to show up Sad

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